English and French into Italian translator and copywriter

Ciao, nice to e-meet you!

My name is Eugenia Durante and I’m an experienced translator, proofreader, copywriter and music journalist. I am here to help you find the right words to express yourself in Italian.

Communication is my area of expertise: whether you need to start from scratch or already have the right words in English or French and want to translate them into Italian, I can make your ideas come to life.

I was born in Genoa, I studied in Milan, I worked in London, and now I live in Bologna. I am a passionate reader and writer. I always try to wear other people’s shoes. I’m the worst on the dancefloor, but my writing dances beautifully.


  • Postgraduate diploma in General Journalism from the London School of Journalism in London (UK)
  • Bachelor’s degree from the Department of Interpretation and Communication at IULM University / Carlo Bo School for Interpreters and Translators in Milan
  • “Inter-culturally speaking”: online certificate from The University Of Oxford

  • Certificate in Literary Translation from La Matita Rossa
  • “Corso di scouting editoriale”: online course from STL FORMAZIONE
  • “Corso SEO Completo”: online course from Samo Academy
  • “Specializzazione e posizionamento per traduttori”: lab with Marco Cevoli – STL Formazione
  • “LinkedIn: come i traduttori possono utilizzarlo per il proprio lavoro”: lab with Mirko Saini – STL Formazione


  • Freelance translator and proofreader since 2011
  • Web editor and freelance writer for online and printed publications both in Italy and the UK, especially for the music, music business and pop culture sectors

  • Social media manager for well-known Italian companies
  • Editorial assistant and office manager for IQ Magazine and ILMC (International Live Music Conference) while living in London in 2013

  • Subtitler of films, webinars, documentaries and TV series since 2013
  • Specialised in marketing, transcreation, audiovisual, fashion & luxury, and music business







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